The Annual Fund

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Thank you for your support.

July 1 - June 30

The Annual Fund is a vital part of All Saints' Episcopal Day School in that it supports the financial needs of the school above and beyond what the normal operating budget (tuition dollars) provides to classrooms and extra-curricular programs.

Contributions to the Annual Fund have given us the resources to purchase additional academic materials, technology for classrooms, athletic equipment, playground improvements, and special teaching programs and supplies.

Gifts to the Annual Fund may be unrestricted or restricted.

  • Unrestricted gifts may be used for any school need that the Head of School approves.
  • Restricted gifts designate your contribution to a particular area that you wish to support. Restricted gifts may go to technology needs, athletics, physical education, art, music, computer, library, foreign language, or after-school and summer programs. You may also designate a gift to a particular classroom or other special need.

Your participation in the Annual Fund allows the school to further enrich students' exceptional educational experience at All Saints'. The Annual Fund giving year begins on July 1 and runs through the fiscal year, ending on June 30.

Thank you for taking time to review and understand this important part of our school. Your participation is critical to the success of this effort and the ongoing growth of All Saints'!

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