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Physical Education

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PE 3rd Quarter


Learning how to jump rope and hula hoop in 4k and 5k (just introduction)

Ball handling skills, bounce 10 times with right hand, throw and catch; different types of throws; lead up games involving dodgeball

Continue with games to music and chasing games. Some of their favorites - Dr. Dodgeball, Mousetrap, Octopus, Animal Catcher

1st - 3rd Grade

Fundamentals of basketball - dribbling, passing, shooting; lead up games involving dribbling and passing

Jump rope - Learning different ways to jump and trying to qualify for jump rope contest (in late February - National Heart Month)

4th - 6th Grade

Fundamentals of basketball - dribbling, passing, shooting, different defenses

Four teams are formed after some fundamentals and teams play each other in round robin fashion during PE.

Qualifying for jump rope contest in late February (National Heart Month)

Ms. Copeland - Athletic Director




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