Physical Education

K3 -K5 
Continue to introduce musical games , games that improve fine motor skills and coordination . Older Ks working with Hula Hoops and will introduce simple rope jumping ! 
Learning to throw soft , rhino skin balls and lead up games to dodge ball . Begin each class with warm up exercises and jogging to music .

1st - 3rd grade
Rope jumping introduced , and hula hoop continues with mini contest .
Basic basketball skills , dribbling , passing , shooting on shorter goals . 
Continue work on throwing skills with smaller balls ( soft Rhino) and dodge ball , Dr Dodgeball and other leadup games. 

4th-6th grade
Rope jumping and jumping for 2 min without missing . 
Basketball skills ... dribbling, passing, shooting on 10 ft goals. 
Teams are formed in each class ( usually 3-4 teams of 7 .. 
Zone defense is taught and players must stay behind 3 point line with defense , so as to allow all levels to be able to play . 
Intramurals are held in each class during PE . 

Basketball Teams for 4-6 ( Green and White begging play Jan 12- 
Season runs through Feb. with Tournament at end of season . 
Come out to see our Crusaders in action . Schedule on website!

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