Physical Education

4K and 5K

These students will be learning to throw playground-sized balls with throwing and catching games.  They will play lead-up games, such as Dr. Dodgeball. Hula-hoops have been introduced, as well as rope jumping for 5K students. We continue to exercise to music. Students are playing many new chasing games; Old Mother Witch is a new favorite. Cooperative play and team skills are encouraged. We have learned the #1 rule for PE is the golden rule.

1st Through 3rd  Grades

These students all are in training for the TURKEY TROT (one mile run), which is part of the President’s Physical Fitness Test. One mile equals six laps around the front lawn for this age. Students are learning to pace themselves. Soccer skills, dribbling, passing, and shooting have been introduced. We continue to play favorite games – Octopus and Capture the Flag.

The Turkey Trot is Wednesday nov 28  for 1-4 during each class’s PE time.

4th Through 6th Grades

These students are also training for the TURKEY TROT. For this age that is seven laps around the front lawn. We are pacing ourselves and are up to four laps. Please encourage children to jog with their moms and dads on the weekends. The TURKEY TROT for these grades  5th and 6 th in Monday Nov. 19.during p.e.  The times will be on the November calendar. .

Soccer skills, dribbling, passing, and shooting are in progress. Each class is divided into three teams for their PE classes, and we scrimmage each other every week during class.

Practice jogging on weekends with your child. Many, many parents come to the school on Saturday or Sunday to jog with their children to practice for the TURKEY TROT.

Basketball tryouts for fourth- through sixth-graders are November 7 and 8  .watch for times on enews and calender.  Two teams of twelve students are selected to represent the school during basketball season. They play against other private schools. The season is December, January, and February

Soccer season is winding down .tournament is Nov 1 and 2 at Maranatha.


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