All Saints’ is known for building strong foundations. Our approach to early childhood education is formed through best practices from early childhood philosophies that have contributed to the creation of our own unique curriculum, over 60 years strong. Our goal is to ignite a love of learning in all children. We do this through fostering independence of children by providing opportunities for them to learn through play. Play is the foundation of learning.

Mrs. Jones - Lead Teacher

Mrs. White - Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Creed - Lead Teacher

Mrs. Arthur - Assistant Teacher

Our Classroom Environment

We view our classroom environment as a “third teacher” that provides a wealth of learning opportunities. Our classrooms are fun, stimulating, exciting, nurturing and safe, and they are carefully and thoughtfully  designed to be inviting and encourage creative thinking and expression. Materials in the classroom inspire children to be researchers and thinkers who are rich with wonder and question the world around them. You won’t see plastic, noisy toys,  that tell children what to do or how to think, you will find natural materials and loose parts that encourage resilience, self-confidence, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. You will find that the “decor” and materials on the walls are focused on student creation rather than premade charts and posters. When children have a role in creating art and displaying learning that is meaningful to them on the walls of their classroom, confidence, self-awareness, and ownership are developed. 

Curriculum Focus
Our 3K program focuses on developing social and emotional skills, language, communication, problem-solving skills, and early foundational skills in literacy and math. Each day, the class meets for circle time to stimulate  thinking, enrich social skills, and focus attention span. Students engage in daily activities to further develop their gross and fine motor skills, improving muscle development, and hand-eye coordination. Curriculum is embedded in centers in the classroom that are intentionally set up for children to practice fine motor skills, reinforce concept development, practice communication, social and life skills, and build vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Teachers celebrate students’ curiosity and allow for exploration and discovery through science explorations. Story time is designed to develop a love for reading and learning and literacy activities that students engage in throughout the day enhance student’s vocabulary and literacy skills.
Academic Foundations

Language and Literacy: Reading and Writing come alive each day in the 3K classrooms through literacy enriched daily activities, classroom centers, and teacher guided lessons that build on a child’s understanding of both written and spoken language.  Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are integrated throughout the 3K day and are taught in conjunction with reading collections, songs, poems, finger plays, and teacher prepared materials.  We provide a beginning foundation in language expression, letter knowledge, phonemic awareness, listening skills, following directions, handwriting with proper pencil grip, storytelling, reading readiness, and rich vocabulary development through our Handwriting Without Tears program.

Math: In 3K, children learn to think like a mathematician and express their mathematical understanding through manipulatives and exploration. Children learn about numbers, shapes, and patterns in their everyday lives to build a solid foundation of mathematical problem solving and understanding. 

Discovery: In the 3K classroom, children are encouraged to make connections and develop logical thinking through experiences, discoveries, wondering and questioning and are introduced to processes of observation, prediction, exploration, investigation, and interpretation. Children in 3K are given opportunities to explore, and make connections while developing an understanding of the world around them.

Daily Activities

Daily Activities Include:

  • Fine and Gross Motor
  • Language and Literacy
  • Social and Emotional
  • Sensory
  • Music and Art
  • Math
  • Inquiry-Based Projects (Science/Discovery) 
  • Independence (Self-Care) 
Daily Schedule

Morning Meeting: (Devotion Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Chapel Tuesdays and Thursdays) Independent Exploration, Calendar

Specials: PE, Spanish, Library, Art, Music 

Whole Group Circle Time and Small Group Instruction: Handwriting without Tears (early literacy and writing), Math, and Discovery

Center Time

Music & Movement: Music and Movement gives children the opportunity for their body and mind to work together!  Music helps aid the development of early literacy skills and dancing helps build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. We love to do Yoga in 3K! 

Outdoor Play (Recess) 

Half-Day Dismissal (11:45) 


Storytime/Outdoor Discovery Storytime helps children develop a love of reading as well as helps them develop early literacy skills. Outdoor discovery pairs with storytime as children have the opportunity to explore the world around them. 


Dismissal (2:30)

Learning Rotations

Classroom centers provide daily opportunities for discovery, curiosity, invention, and wonder.

  • Math: Provides opportunities for children to count, sort, group, explore, and investigate a variety of hands on materials.  Through the use of concrete materials, children begin to understand more abstract concepts and relationships and can begin to apply this thinking skill across all curriculum subject areas.
  • Engineering: Provides children with opportunities to imagine, create, and construct using blocks and objects of all sizes, shapes and materials.  Children experiment with balance, number and shape concepts, and begin early knowledge of architecture, engineering, and physics.
  • Science and Discovery: Provides objects and materials for children to experience the world around them.  Through observations, experiments, and hands-on activities, children discover how things work, develop higher level thinking skills, ask questions, and participate in research.
  • Writing and Art: Provides materials for children to develop fine motor skills, practice handwriting, write and illustrate stories, create artwork and practice language, listening, and literacy skills.
  • Dramatic Play: Provides a happy place for children to role-play, express feelings, dramatize stories, reinvent life experiences, practice social behaviors, and use language skills in a variety of ways.
  • Book Nook: Provides books and a quiet area for children to explore and experiment with written language and illustrations.  This center helps promote an enthusiasm for reading and an increase in attention span.

Students participate in performances including Chapel presentations that build confidence and pride. Students also participate in special classes including Children's Bible class, PE, art, Spanish and library one to two times each week. 

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