COVID-19 Response Memo from Headmaster

COVID-19 Response Memo from Headmaster
March 18, 2020
Dear All Saints’ family,
First things first: We miss you and we hope you are staying well! Your well-being, health, and safety are of the utmost importance to us.
Second: We thank you! Our teachers, staff, parents, and students have already shown tremendous grace, patience, understanding, and cooperation during this most unusual time.
Third: We congratulate you! Our young students are putting forth great effort to continue their academic progress while at home. Teachers have already reported on just how proud they are! Please remember that All Saints' is following the mandate by the SC Dept. of Education and SCISA to continue with instruction in this modified way.
Fourth: We acknowledge that there are challenges! We know mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers are making sacrifices to stay home, assist with school work, and entertain young, energetic minds and bodies! We will continue to be a partner in this and do all we can as a school to assist.
SPECIALS CURRICULUM: Mrs. Pennstrom met with all Specials teachers yesterday to determine a plan for including their curriculum in the weekly assignments. You can expect to hear from your classroom teacher regarding these assignments.
COMMUNICATION REMAINS THE KEY! Please check in with your teacher daily. Attendance and academic progress are being tracked through email with teachers. Continue to check e-news as we plan to update you regularly.
FRIDAY, MARCH 20 IS A HOLIDAY: No email communication or assignments are required.
Thank you again for all your help and support.
Joan Pennstrom, Headmaster
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