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Mrs. Margaret Jones

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We begin our year in the science lab by reviewing safety rules and procedures for every grade.  The first half of the school year most classes study life science and earth science.Of course this year, we will begin by studying all about solar eclipses!!

2nd Grade

The second grade will begin the year studying animals, fossils, and dinosaurs.  In the lab, students will examine feathers and learn about beak adaptations.  They will also explore how fossils are made, how certain dinosaurs digested food, and the different types of dinosaur teeth.

3rd Grade

Third graders will begin the year studying plants, animals, and ecosystems.  In the lab, students will perform a leaf and root study and do leaf rubbings.  They will make a model of a backbone and study various animal adaptations for protection.  They will also grow grass in different types of soil to determine which type of soil is best.  We will then observe the interactions between insects and plants in the teaching garden.

4th Grade

The fourth graders will begin the year studying the water cycle and weather, hurricanes and tornadoes, minerals and rocks, changes to earth’s surface, and natural resources.  Lab activities to support these topics include a water cycle wheel activity, a hurricane model, eye of a hurricane activity, rock identification, construction of a granite model, streak/luster/color activity, weathering observation, and an erosion experiment.  We will also do a few fun Halloween experiments, as well as some Christmas-themed activities.

5th Grade

Fifth grade will begin the year studying classification of organisms, cells and systems, the human body, plants, and ecosystems.  In the lab, students will use microscopes to observe yeast, observe how water moves through nonvascular plants, study heart models, and perform a mock heart bypass.  They will construct a model of a lung and observe how chewing aids digestion.  Next, students will do a leaf study using microscopes, and study “tree cookies."  Our final and favorite activity for this first quarter is the earthworm dissection!

6th Grade

The sixth graders begin the year studying classification, cells, heredity/reproduction, body systems, and plants.  In the lab, students will practice classification skills, do a live cricket study, make models of plant and animal cells, make a model of DNA and replicate it, explore the different human blood types, make a capillary model, and do a leaf study.  Students will also begin preparation for our favorite activity of this quarter, the frog dissection!




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